Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Writing is Like Starting A New Year at School

I sent my son to first grade today. It's a big accomplishment for him considering last year turned into a struggle. He got hit with challenges and he didn't know how to cope with towards the end. So after a summer of practicing and talking through it, I'm hoping he's much better equipped for this school year.

And even in that there is a lesson for writing. We may get frustrated, and get to a point in our writing where we don't know what to do next, but if we step back and practice, reach out to someone more experienced to talk us through the challenges, then we can step back in the game...and succeed.

So in this time of year of new beginnings, I wish you all a fresh outlook, and a new beginning in your writing. Think of it as starting a new grade in school, and stepping one level closer to the finish line.


Saundra said...

I think you are right about writing is like starting new year at school. I've always loved writing. Of course it was easy when it was just for me. Now that I really want to say something, I have many things to consider-especially if I want to publish (I do). Have to remember content is king, what niche am I, if any, what voice am I, etc, etc. Still love it and will still work towards my blogs and book ideas.

Michelle said...

So true Saundra - there are SO many things that have to occupy the process when we're writing for others. Good luck with your projects!

Jan Evans said...

And that's probably the best thing about being a professional writer. Each new project is a new challenge--something new to learn, a fresh slant on an old subject.
And we get to do more than once a year!