Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I'm Writing Again, and Not Just Revisions

"I'm baaaaaack!" And excited as ever! It feels good to work on some writing outside of just revisions.

I mailed out contest entries today to: The Emerging Writers Awards (with a copy of my children's story: Petunia Wiggles Giggles and Hops), and The Garden Verse Poetry Competition (with a new poem that I was inspired to write today titled, "Crickets Wings")

It feels good to have the creative juices creeping back in.

And on top of that I also did some revisions to The Hidden Force yesterday, and I have plans to work on more revisions tomorrow.

Woo-hoo!! I needed writing back in my life. If feels really good.

1 comment:

T. Anne said...

Sounds like you're juiced and ready to go!