Wednesday, September 02, 2009

How Can You Help a Writer?

How can you help a friend who is a writer? Well, the best answer to that is so eloquently said by Nathan Bransford in his recent blogpost Writer Appreciation Week: Published Authors!...and the short answer is to buy a copy of their book.

Here's a quote from Nathan's post:
"How can you help out these writers, the ones whose book you happened to hear about on a blog or picked up off the street or checked out at the library and loved? The best way: buy a new book."

I'm constantly buying books, it's just part of understanding what's out there, and learning about the craft of writing, and keeping the creative juices churned up. But I have to admit that sometimes I overlook supporting the "little books" as the big books are hyped-up so much more.

So, I turned the corner today and purchased a copy of "From Where The Rivers Come" by Terin Miller. He's a fellow finalist in the 2009 Book Festival, and I had been meaning to pick up a copy of his book. So I made today the day to do it, and now I can't wait for my copy to arrive. Check out Terin's website, and order a copy of his book on Amazon.

And by-golly help support writers by buying our books. Every sale helps us gain leverage in this topsy-turvy industry.

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T. Anne said...

I bought books yesterday! My b-day is coming up and I asked for more!