Monday, July 20, 2009

Rejection - The Unpleasant Part of the Equation

I arrived home from a fun filled trip to Lake Compounce Amusement park on Saturday to find another dreaded rejection letter waiting for me in my inbox. I took in a silent gasp, and felt my euphoria from the day of fun 'n sun dwindle to the floor. My heart dropped with it.

But then, after a moment, a silent voice in my head reminded me that some of the all-time great creative minds have had to endure rejection. I reminded myself that it's "paying the dues"; success cannot come without rejection.

George Lucas of Star Wars fame for example had his share of rejection. Did you know that Star Wars was turned down by several studios before being picked up by Twentieth Century Fox? Imagine if he would have quit after the first few studios turned him down, there would be no Star Wars - imagine! Here's a link to his biography on The Internet Movie Database.

And what about Stephen King who had over 30 rejections for Carrie. Check out this piece on him at Rejections & Writing Habits.

I think I need to read a few more of those stories right about now - Which artist has your favorite rejection-to-success story?

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