Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rachelle Gardner's Lessons from "Proposal to Publication"

Did you all see this blog post from Rachelle Gardner, literary agent with Wordserve Literary: Lessons from "Proposal to Publication"

This is a nice overview of her "Proposal to Publication" series. Here's an excerpt:

"As I was reading through it, I noticed there are some lessons you could take away in terms of what you can be preparing yourself for, now, before you enter the process.
1. Many writers balk at the requirement to write a really strong book proposal. You may have noticed in Friday's post that everyone in the publishing company, including the sales, marketing, and art departments, are given your book proposal and sample chapters. They might not have time to read your whole book, but they need to know enough to do their jobs. This should be enough of an incentive for you to write the best book proposal you possibly can! If your book is fiction, that 1-sentence hook and 1-page synopsis are all-important..." read more

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