Monday, July 06, 2009

Becoming a Full-Time Writer

I think we all have those moments when we fantasize about being able to turn this passion of writing into our full-time careers. And there are writers who are able to do it. But when is the best time to make the switch?

For those of you pondering this question, this article by Jeff Yeager in the May/June issue of Writer's Digest is worth a read: 10 Questions Writers Must Ask Before Quitting Their Day Job

The idea of writing full-time is something I strive for, and yet as I ponder it I find there are many stepping stones to reach before it becomes an actionable reality.

Anyone out there already a full-time writer? Any advice or comments you'd like to offer on the subject?


ElanaJ said...

I have this goal too. I hope we all get there!

Michelle said...

Me too!