Monday, June 08, 2009

Where the Magic Happens

So this is where most of the magic happens, although the last few weeks have found me revising my novel anywhere I can find a few minutes to pull out the manuscript.
Some of those out-of-my-norm spots include on the floor, in the truck (not while I'm driving mind you), at the corner eatery, coffeeshop, and even in my son's room. And when I don't have my manuscript with me, I'm fine tuning the storyline in my head.
There were a couple days last week that I couldn't get to sleep because the characters where haunting me in my sleep. One night I got up at 2am and worked until about 3:30am before finally being able to fall asleep.
But it's all good, although I will miss these characters when I move on to the next story, at least until the new ones root in my brain too.

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cher said...

Love this. Always fun to see the office set up, or not so "set-up" where people work. Animators often have lots of stuffed animals and toys around. Anything you have tagged on the wall or sitting on your desk that keeps you working or makes you smile? I have the tiny ginger bread man, ginger, from Shrek on my monitor and a snippet of the letter to Agnes de Mille from Martha Graham.