Friday, June 26, 2009

Rise in Popularity for YA Genre Fiction

I've highlighted a few times on this blog the seeming rise in popularity for YA genre fiction. Well, I stumbled upon an article on the Futurismic Blog (it was mentioned on the PW Children's Bookshelf email). I think one of the strong points made in the piece is highlighted in the segment below:
"… young adult sales continue to rise even while book publishing is experiencing a significant decline. This is a mantra we heard over and over again during the massive YA genre fiction circle-jerk last year, and it’s always backed with the unvoiced assumption that only Young Adults read YA. I’ve worked in a library, and I can assure you that’s an observable falsehood; most genuinely popular YA is successful precisely because so many adult readers with an expendable income enjoy the same titles."

So it's a valid point, YA should have appeal not only for the YA market but for adult readers as well to increase a book's appeal and profitability.

To read the entire article, click on this link: Young Adult fiction: are we confusing marketing with markets?

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