Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Book Expo America (BEA) 2009

So I walked the Book Expo America show floor on Sunday. My husband came with me so we could both take in as much as possible. So let me first start by saying it was a bit overwhelming seeing SO many books in row after row after row. I can understand how a book (anyone's book) could get lost in the shuffle, and why just getting published is not the end of the work for an author, but just the beginning.

And at the same time, while it was overwhelming, it was also exciting. If SO many books got published, why can't my book get published. I mean honestly! It's just about getting it polished and finding people who are as excited about it as I am. It might take a few rejections (not too many I hope) but if it's a good story (and I believe it's a GREAT story) someone will believe in it.

Here's the official BEA blurb about the event and some links taken from their website:
The industry gathered at BEA 2009—the premier North American publishing event—to celebrate our passion for books, and to see and learn what was needed to survive today's changing industry and challenging economy. BEA showcased 500+ authors and hundreds of new titles on a Show floor filled with 1,500 exhibitors, the NEW Downtown Stage and Uptown Stage, and the ever popular BEA Autographing Area. The "Big Ideas at BEA" Conference and this year’s Global Market Forum: Books & Publishing in the Arab World illuminated the latest trend information. And the buzz of the book business was at an all-time high during dynamic Special Events. All of this, plus all of the rights business that was conducted at the largest North American International Rights Center.


T. Anne said...

I went to the BEA last year on the first day (writer/agent day?) It was amazing. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Marit said...

Did you attend the Writers' Conference?

Michelle said...

Thanks T.Anne...next year I'll go again and I'll try to attend the YA author's breakfast and maybe the editors panel too.

Michelle said...

Marit- Yes, I did. Were you there? For an overview of the event I blogged about it on both May 28th & 29th, if your you're interested.