Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Writing Roll Call

Thanks to everyone who has been following my blog! I love the feedback and the support.

And now I open the forum up to you...I want to hear from you...get to know everyone a bit.

So, if you can, post a comment about the type(s) of writing you create. Think of it as a roll call of sorts. And if you'd like to see certain topics covered more in the blog, let me know that too.

I'll start. Hi everyone, I'm Michelle from NJ and I write YA and Children's Story. I've written poetry and short fiction as well.

Who is next?


Pam Bellemare said...

Hi there! My name is Pam, I'm from Boston, and I like to write humorous...stuff. From emails to blog entries to short stories to a novel, I can't help myself!

I am currently trying to get my humorous reality-based-yet-fictional novel on my time spent unemployed published. (Actually waiting for "that call" from an agent first). In the meantime, I write week-daily on my blog (betweenjobstheblog.blogspot.com).

Michelle said...

Hi Pam! I'll check out your blog.