Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Writing Conference Countdown

I am so excited that tomorrow is the Writers Digest/BEA Writers Conference. I have been counting down the days until the conference and now it's here. My brother is taking the long ride down from NH and we'll both be going to the conference together.

I think I'm most excited about spending the day immersed in writing. I get to meet some of the agents whose blogs I follow, I get to hear some great speakers, and I can meet fellow writers who are doing the "writing thing" every day.

I'm still nervous about the pitch slam, but I know it will be a great learning experience if nothing else.

So I probably won't have a post for tomorrow, but I'm hoping to be able to share some great tidbits through the rest of the week.

And then on Sunday I'll be spending the afternoon at BEA (Book Expo America). This is going to be a GREAT week!

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