Friday, May 15, 2009

Quirky Writing Habits

Ok does anyone else have a quirky habit, something you have to do while you're writing?

I have to admit my habit is to chomp on ice while I'm writing, cups and cups of ice. Is it strange, probably, at least my husband tells me it is. But somehow it helps me concentrate, and it makes me happy.

Ok, anyone else?


ElanaJ said...

Oh, I have too many. My latest is putting "Mad World" by Adam Lambert on repeat. I actually sing it over and over and over. And over.

Litgirl01 said...

I say do what makes you happy for sure! ;-) I like to have a diet pepsi nearby...not sure if that counts. lol

Michelle said...

ElanaJ...I loved that performance! Litgirl01...counts to me. As you said whatever makes us happy (and helps us get the work done).