Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Quote in "The Fatal 5 Finance Mistakes Writers Make"

I'm happy to report that I was quoted in an article featured on Wow! Women on Writing entitled, "The Fatal 5 Finance Mistakes Writers Make". Thanks to the writer Allena Tapia for including me in the article. Here's my quote from the article:

Michelle Reynoso, who published with a subsidy publisher, ran into many unanticipated publishing expenses for her book Do You?.
“I budgeted for the publishing package, but didn't anticipate the extra costs that came up when I needed layout work or wanted changes made to the format. I also didn't budget for marketing collateral, traveling costs to promote the book, advertising, etc.”

It's a great article that covers many areas that writers often overlook on the business side, and definetly worth a read.

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