Saturday, April 25, 2009

Time To Get Back into Gear

Ok, ok, I have to admit that over the last week I've neglected to stay true to my editing schedule for The Hidden Force (my YA novel). I've been writing, yes, but it's been a lot of forum, op-ed writing, and social networking. All very important, but now I need to evaluate my time committments to each and ensure that I'm still getting my critical revising time in as my end-of-May deadline is fast approaching.

Time to buckle down and focus on the main goal at hand. I want to be ready to pitch to agents by the end of May.

So that's my pep talk to myself.

Wish me luck!


Suzette Saxton said...

My sentiments exactly! Good luck - to both of us!

Michelle said...

Thanks for the encouragement Suzette-I'll take every bit I can get. Positive vibes your way too!