Thursday, April 09, 2009


As I've mentioned in previous posts, my first book (Do You?) was self-published. It was a great experience, and I learned a lot about the process of getting a manuscript to a completed book. I also was adamant about what I wanted in the quality of the book and I made changes from the proofs until it closely resembled what I had envisioned. But, I also made mistakes. I didn't market the book. Oh, I wanted to, but for many reasons it didn't happen.

For my YA novel that I'm revising now, I'm hoping to navigate through the traditional publishing process. I will take what I've learned from the lack of marketing on the first book and apply it to this one. So I have gained invaluable experience that can be applied going forward to books whether traditional or self-published. And I've never dismissed the idea of self-publishing again.

So, when I came across this blog entry today, I was intrigued: The Future of Publishing? Self-Published Novel Wins Major Literary Award, and wanted to share it with everyone.

Do You? is a collection of original poems and photographs (76 pages, 36 full-color photographs). It was a finalist in the 11th annual Writers Digest Self-Published Book Awards. There are two ways to buy it, and I've included the links for each. From the publisher (XLibris) directly from my website at

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