Thursday, April 02, 2009

Learning from my writing buddy

My cat Felix is my writing buddy. I've come to understand that I can learn from him and his passion for writing. Ok, don't laugh, just hear me out.

We've both determined the most productive writing places & atmosphere...He likes early mornings (like me), he likes a quiet room (like me), and he likes to write (me too).

Of course his writing is a little less concise than mine, his writing consists of a string of characters as he walks across the keyboard. He's following that rule about not editing his work for the first draft. Smart cat.

His most consistant work comes as he stretches out in the small space beside my laptop, reaches out his paw pushing down several keys at a time. And no matter how many times I try to cajole him to take a break, to move to the side away from the keyboard, he stays persistant in his quest to write. He doesn't let anyone stop him from getting his story in print. I can admire that quality.

He's never at a loss for words. Every time he sits at the computer, he's ready to write. His paw hits the keys and he's off and running. He doesn't sit and stare at the screen hoping for inspiration, he just does it.

And last of all, he's consistant. He knows the routine, and even on days when I don't immediately saunter to the desk, he sits and waits for me.

So I can learn alot from my writing buddy, my cat, Felix. And as I write this my writing buddy sits beside my computer, purring away.


Paul Forcina said...

My orange cat, Max, when shoo'ed from the keyboard, circles to the back of my laptop and takes swipes at the power cord. He's a little less productive than Felix. Congrats on breaking the block, btw. And check out a fellow occasional blogger on the subject at


Michelle said...

Paul - I added you to my blog list.

George The Writer said...

I really like this entry Michelle. Very nice to read and it made me smile.

Michelle said...

Thanks George!