Saturday, April 04, 2009

Everyone Wants to Write a Book

How many people do you know who have said, "I should write a book about that (referring to their experiences on their job, dating life, a dream they had, a story they've thought up, etc.). I've known quite a few people that have said that in my lifetime.

It sounds so easy to write a book. As consumers we pick up a completed work, bound in a nice cover, and finished with a polished write-up in the back. But it didn't start that way. It probably started as chicken-scratch on a steno pad. And after many months or years it finally materialized into a cohesive piece of literature. Then it went on to rewrites, revisions, and editing. And if you're lucky and persistent maybe an agent shows some interest and pitches it to a publisher, or maybe several publishers. Your marketing kicks into gear. And finally, several years later, voila, you're an overnight success. Congratulations, your overnight success only took 10 years maybe.

So it's not easy, but what separates the would-be writers from the actual writers?

George Ingram ( and I were discussing this very topic the other night. We both agree that there are a lot of people who talk about writing, and very few that commit to writing on a consistent basis. I say it's the work and due-diligence that separates the two. The people that are serious about being a "writer" are the ones that commit to it every day. They are the ones that commit to completing their project, no matter what it takes.

I am by no means pointing fingers, because there were many years when I toyed with the idea of writing and only wrote when I was inspired to write. That's probably why it's taken me so long to complete my novel. Did I learn a lot during those years - oh yes! Was I committed to doing what it took to complete it - not quite. Am I committed now - you better believe it!

The process and path, of course, are different for each person. Some people will give up or get disillusioned. Others will stay the course. Some will get published, and some will not. But if you work hard to put out a solid story, believe in your story, and are passionate about letting the world know that it exists - I believe you will win.


Christy Heady said...

I would say your concept about what separates the writers who take action and who remain on the sidelines with great ideas is right on. I wrote about it briefly in my blog ( and realize it is the underlying desire and passion for writing that continues to fuel the dream. Lack of both and the keyboard gets dusty!

lscollison said...

Tell it to the hand, baby. Everybody wants to write a book but not quite so many can carry it through. I used to eschew blogging because I felt it sapped my productivity away from my real writing, but I recenly started a personal blog (as opposed to a book promotion blog) and I'm finding its, like, my muse.

redplume said...

Good topic, Michelle, and congratulations to you for having the commitment to realize your dream. That's the nectar of life! I did it, too, and it's a long path from the talking to "The End." I write about fear in my blog, ( Fear of failure (and fear of success)can keep writers from finishing a book, or any dream.

Michelle said...

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