Sunday, April 19, 2009

Computer Backups of Your Writing

Have you ever toiled over a paragraph until finally you've gotten it worded just right...only to find you clicked the delete key and your computer freezes and in an instant you've lost it all? It's happened to me before. Now what would you do if that paragraph was not just a paragraph but your entire novel?

My greatest fear is that I will somehow lose all those years of work I've invested in my current novel. My brain, as creative as it is, comes up with these crazy scenarios and I imagine that my laptop and zip drive somehow get destroyed, at the same time. Argh!!! That's a nightmare.

So how much should one back up their work...I think it's a valid point.

Anyone want to share their expertise, or horror stories?


Mary Ann de Stefano said...

Use a gmail account as an easy, free, offsite backup system for your important manuscripts. Just email your work to your gmail address. Plenty of storage there, and you won't lose anything -- even if you lose your computer or external drive. You'll even have a history of your revisions, in date order!

Michelle said...

That is a fantastic solution Mary Ann - thanks!