Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Getting published in this economic climate

Is now the time for a new author to hope for publication? Good question right? It's one that I grapple with every day. How could my timing be any worse? Well, there is hope. It's just like trying to find a job in this time of high unemployment. Well let me tell you a story about that. (Did you get the Forest Gump inspiration there?) I have a friend who was unemployed for about 9 months. And then, can you believe, she was offered one job - took it. Then offered another job - left the first job and took the 2nd. And now has been offered a third job. All in a span of a few weeks. And everyone says there's no work out there.

So, I think it's the same with publishing. Authors are still signing contracts. The bookstore are still showcasing new books every week. So there's still opportunities. Maybe it just means that we need to be hungrier, maybe our books need to be a bit more polished, and maybe, just maybe with a sprinkle of lucky dust, a new author can still get signed in this chaotic economy.

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