Monday, November 10, 2008

Hope in Government

This election has reignited my interest in the governance of this country.

I have to admit that before this election my opinion of government had become jaded and my enthusiasm for politics in general was lackluster. Now, I am filled with hope that the government that was created for the people, by the people, will again live up to its original design.

At my son's school the enthusiasm was palpable throughout the halls in the days leading up to the election; teachers, parents, and students were all talking about the election and what it meant. That is better conversation than worrying about the newest name brand clothing trend or a new game release for a popular gaming system. They were talking about something important to the future, our future. And it made me proud to hear my son, only 5 years old, able to name both presidential candidates.

To see so many people show genuine interest in both candidates, as if they were contestants on American Idol or some other reality television show, restores my faith that we as a people can be entrusted with helping to shape our own future. I wait with bated breath, praying that this new enthusiasm shown by the citizens of this great country, will become a jumping board, a starting point and not just a roar that gets lost as the wind swirls ever harder.

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